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Facts and statistics

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Facts and statistics

This page describes different facts and statistics about racism

To those who dont know the true meaning of racism it means that one race is superior to the other because of the race they are born into.
Equal Employment oppurtunity cannot be denied because of association to someone of a different race.
45%  black children live below the poverty line as with 16% of white children
Since 1972 many blacks are payed less then whites in some jobs
Black teachers hold less then 5% of faculty positions
Black students make up of 16%of all public school students and make up 40%of those who are classed as learing disabled.
There are more african americans in jail then in college
African Americans from age 12 and up are the most victemized groupin America. 41.7 over 1,000 ofthem are victems of violent crimes.
Whites are only 36.3 over 1,000
30 years after the civil rights movement many african americans are still oppressed in many ways.


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